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ATS Panels


Automatic transfer switches are used to automatically change over from the main electrical supply to stand-by generators or generate on failure of the main supply. When the main supply is restored, the system automatically changes back and stops the generator. The stand-by generator will eventually be shut down after a short cooling down period.

These panels are provided with mechanically or electrically interlocked pole contactors or MCCB and are operated both automatically and manually. Employ a Breaker closing time delay instilled in order to avoid current and voltage surges.

Employ automated sensing for:

  • Under voltage

  • Phase failure

  • Phase sequence

  • Instilled with Generator start/stop commands

  • And Indicate:

  • Incoming voltage

  • Engine running/faulty conditions

  • MCCB On/Trip conditions

  • Engine tests run position for routine test of engines.

  • Status signals for remote indications.

No more manual changeover switch or inconvenient extension leads, the AYB high speed AC Transfer Switch is a hassle free solution for multiple power source systems. Fast input switching (transfer time of approx 12ms) ensures a smooth transparent transition between power sources.

Indicators clearly display when each of the AC power sources and AC output power are available. The generator input also comes with voltage sensing and time delays to ensure the generator has warmed up and the voltage is stable before switching to generator power. The generator voltage is continuously monitored and in the unlikely event the generator voltage becomes unstable the device switches to another power source until the generator voltage stabilizes.

Compact design

Allows flexibility and ease of installation

High Quality Connectors

The Inputs and Outputs are connected via heavy duty high quality screw terminals to ensure a safe and secure connection.

Double Pole Transfer

Double pole relays switch both active and neutral to eliminate any earth or grounding problems and completely isolate each source.


Minimizes and simplifies your systems wiring, while providing a fully automatic system manager.

On Delay Timer

Ensures the generator has warmed up and the output voltage has stabilized before transferring power to the output.

Voltage Interlock

Monitors the generators output voltage and if it is too high or too low will transfer the output power back to inverter power until the generators output stabilizes.


Over the past years of experience and continuous adherence to stringent quality standards ensures optimum reliability backed with a full 1 year parts and labor warranty.

LED Status Indicators

A full set of LED's keeps the user informed of its operation at all times.

  • Primary Power Stable

  • Primary Power Not Stable

  • Secondary Power Available

  • Output Power Available

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